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A Guide to Finding the Perfect Home Generator

When the power goes out, you can be left without basic electrical necessities and amenities for several hours – sometimes even days if there is a storm or some other natural event. It’s happened before and it will happen in the future, so you shouldn’t put off buying that standby generator any longer.

Emergency generators may seem like enough at first, but you’ll quickly find that it’s much more inconvenient than simply getting a generator installed. When you have the right generator, you will benefit from the investment in several ways.

·    Safety. When generator installation tulsa professionals have installed your generator, you won’t have to worry about filling it with gasoline and no power cords need to be messed with.

·    Convenience. Even when you aren’t at home, your power will be restored so that all of your appliances continue to function. If you’re in the middle of using a device, you won’t have to worry about interruptions.

·    Value. Standby generators increase resale value of homes while also delivering cleaner energy to the home whenever it is used.

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Picking a Generator

·    Fuel Source. There are different fuel sources that are available, so you will need to identify your options and preferences. Some options include natural gas and liquid propane, though you may also get a diesel generator.

·    Power Needs. You will also need to look at how much power your household uses, which determined the size and power range of the generator you will need. Consider what big appliances you want to keep powered, such as your air conditioner, and go from there.

·    Transfer Switch. This is a switch that will need to be activated in order for your generator to function. You’ll need a switch that works for your electrical service panel, as it is crucial that the amps are the same.

Keep this information in mind when shopping for standby generators for your household.